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new patio area in garden

Princes Risborough’s Trusted Hard Landscaping Services

Convert your outdoor space with our expert hard landscaping services at New Leaf Gardens in Princes Risborough. We use quality materials and skilled craftsmanship, from durable driveways to stylish patios. Enhance your property's appeal with our bespoke designs, increasing functionality and aesthetics seamlessly. Contact us for beautiful outdoor transformations.

Paving and Surfaces

Constructing Timeless Pathways

Stone path in garden


Make a statement at your property entrance with our diverse driveway solutions. Choose from different materials and designs for a functional and appealing driveway—driveway construction tailored to your needs.

Paths And Edging / Cobbled

Constructing aesthetically pleasing paths and edging, including cobbled options, adds character to your outdoor areas. It's a timeless touch that brings traditional charm to your space.


Using lime mortar, our repointing services ensure structural integrity and meet the standards required for listed buildings, preserving their authenticity. Restoration and preservation services use traditional lime mortar, particularly for listed buildings.


Lay a solid foundation for your construction projects with our comprehensive excavation services. From digging foundations to clearing land, we've got it covered. Ground preparation and excavation services for various projects.


Source suitable materials for your project with our aggregate supply. We provide a selection of high-quality sand, gravel, and crushed stones tailored to your specific needs—custom brickwork to enhance your garden's visual appeal and functionality.

Garden Brickwork

Enhance your garden with our precision crafted brickwork. We bring creativity and functionality to your outdoor space, from decorative walls to raised flower beds.

Shed Bases

Ensure the stability and longevity of your shed with our expertly constructed bases. Customised to the size and weight of your shed, we lay the groundwork for durable structures.


Our repair services address issues with driveways, patios, or other outdoor features, restoring them to their former glory. Skilled repair services for various structures, ensuring longevity and safety.


Fencing is the most popular way to mark a boundary and is a great option for your outdoor space.  We offer an expansive range of garden fencing panels and posts.

brick wall in the garden

To Construct Your Dream Landscape, Call Us Now On 07599 599634 And Discover Our Hard Landscaping Expertise.

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